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Lawyer in Jordan

Lawyer in Jordan

The legal profession is a mission that the lawyer performs with all honesty and sincerity for the benefit of his client, and he is entrusted to give him legal advice in all honesty, away from any personal interest of the lawyer.

Lawyers in Jordan are competent and knowledgeable, as the lawyer undergoes intensive training after studying law for two years.

The lawyers at Arida Law Firm are practicing lawyers, and our mission is to start with the lawyer from the training stage until he works within the team of specialized lawyers.

In general, once a lawyer in Jordan obtains a license to practice the profession, he has the right to speak before all courts in Jordan, except for some restrictions, such as having to practice for 5 years to enable him to appear before administrative courts. Training is also necessary to practice law before Sharia courts, and there are restrictions for lawyers practicing before ecclesiastical courts as well.

Contact the lawyer, you can contact:

To contact Arida Law Firm, call: 0096265854376

To contact lawyer Tarik Arida, call: 00962795759801

The law that regulates the work of the legal profession for regular lawyers in Jordan and lawyers in Jordan is the Jordanian Bar Association Law.

The profession of a lawyer in Jordan:

According to Article 6 of the Jordanian Bar Association Law on the Legal Profession, it stipulates a definition of the profession of the Jordanian lawyer as follows:

Lawyers are judicial assistants who have made a profession of providing judicial and legal assistance to those who request it in exchange for a fee. This includes 1. Relying on behalf of others to claim and defend your rights: A. In all courts of all types and degrees, except for Sharia courts. B. To arbitrators, public prosecution departments, administrative arbitrators, and the judicial police. C. With all administrative agencies, public and private institutions

2. Organizing contracts and carrying out the necessary procedures.

3. Providing legal advice.

According to Article 7 of the law, anyone who practices the legal profession in Jordan must have his name registered in the register of professor lawyers.

The conditions for registration in the Jordanian Lawyers Register to become a practicing Jordanian lawyer in Jordan are according to Article 8 of the law:

1. Anyone requesting registration in the Jordanian Lawyers Register must be:

a . He has enjoyed Jordanian citizenship for at least ten years, unless the registration applicant had the citizenship of an Arab country before obtaining Jordanian citizenship, in which case the period of his enjoyment of both nationalities may not be less than ten years.

B. He turned twenty-three years old.

C. Enjoying full civil capacity. D. An actual permanent resident of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

H. He has good conduct and reputation, and he must not have been convicted or sentenced for a moral crime or subject to a disciplinary punishment for reasons affecting honor and dignity, and his service in any job or work in any previous profession has not ended or his connection with any of them has been severed for reasons critical to honor, honesty, or morals. The Syndicate Council may carry out any procedures or investigations it deems necessary and appropriate to verify the fulfillment of this condition in the registration application. f. Hold a law degree from a recognized university or law institute, provided that this certificate is acceptable for practicing the legal profession in the country that granted it. In implementation of the purposes of this paragraph, the Bar Council prepares with the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research or another body with an existing relationship with recognized law universities and institutes. The Council may, from time to time, in the same manner, add or delete the name of any university or institute registered on that list, and the list and any amendments made to it shall be published in the Official Gazette.

g. Complete the training stipulated in Chapter Seven of this law. h. He must not be an employee of the state, municipalities, the private sector, or any other job.

i. Not to be a member of another union.

Y. Paying the fees prescribed under this law and the regulations issued under it, despite what is stated in any other legislation.

2. Jordanian professor lawyers who were previously licensed to practice this profession and registered in the register of professor lawyers before the issuance of this law are excluded from the conditions stipulated in paragraphs (f, g) of this article.

Prepared by lawyer Tarik Arida

Amman Jordan

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