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The provisions of the Social Security laws for employees in Jordan:

Updated: Jan 10

Is Social Security Coverage Equal for All Employees in Jordan, Regardless of Contract and Nationality?"

All employees shall be subject to the provisions of the Social Security laws in Jordan without discrimination as to nationality, regardless of the duration or form of the contract, the nature or amount of wage.

In other words, all employees must be enrolled in the social security scheme in Jordan under the company.

What Percentage of Monthly Salaries Do Employers and Employees Contribute to Jordan's Social Security Corporation (SSC)?

Enrolment of employees with the Social Security Corporation (SSC) requires monthly payments of an overall amount of 21.75 % of the monthly salaries of its employees, 14.25 % of which to be borne/paid by the company, and 7.5 % of which to be borne/paid by the relevant employee (such percentage shall be deducted from the employee’s salaries, and transferred by the company, together with the portion of G the company (i.e. 14.25%), to the SSC).

The company must pay SSC the contributions deducted from the wages of its insured employees ( i.e. 7.5%) , together with the percentage payable by the company (i.e. 14.25%), to the SSC, during the first 15 days of the succeeding month after they fall due. Failure to pay attracts heavy liabilities and fines (including a default interest of 1% per month on any overdue contribution).

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