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Appoint legal advisor in Jordan

Mandatory power of attorney for companies:

Is it a must to appoint a legal advisor for the company in Jordan?

Well, Some companies and institutions must appoint a lawyer in Jordan on a mandatory basis and annually, under penalty of paying a fine of five dinars per day for every delay in doing so. According to Article (43) of the Jordan Bar Association, it is a must to appoint a legal advisor for the company as follows:

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The companies required to appoint a lawyer in Jordan are:

1. Any of the companies and institutions indicated below must appoint an agent or legal advisor from among the lawyers registered in the register of professors:

a . Public joint stock companies, their branches, and private joint stock companies.

B . A limited liability company whose capital exceeds twenty thousand dinars.

C. The foreign company, any branch or agency thereof, or the regional or representative office.

D . The company or institution registered with the development zones, free zones, the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, or the Petra Tourism Development Region Authority, regardless of its capital.

H. The exempt company and the company that does not aim to make a profit.

And any company or other institution whose capital is not less than (50) thousand dinars.

2. The company or institution referred to in Paragraph (1) of this Article must appoint the agent or legal advisor according to a written contract and must notify the union in writing of the name of its agent or legal advisor within sixty days from the date of appointment.

3. Lawyers are prohibited from being consultants or general agents for more than five institutions, companies, branches, or agencies of the institutions, companies, branches, or agencies mentioned in this article, provided that there are not more than two public joint stock companies among them.

What is the fine imposed on companies that do not appoint a lawyer in Jordan?

According to the JBA law:

4. If any company or institution obligated to provide power of attorney under the first paragraph of this article does not appoint a general agent or legal advisor for it within three months from the date of entry into force of this law. from the date of its establishment or registration, it must pay an amount of five dinars to the union’s fund for every day it is late in making that appointment.

5. The lawyer must notify the Association in writing of the names of the institutions, companies, or entities for which he has been appointed general agent or legal advisor, as stipulated in the first and third paragraphs of this article, within a period not exceeding thirty days from the date of his appointment. If he fails to do so, he becomes obligated to pay three times the fees due to him to the union for that appointment, in addition to an amount of five dinars for every day he is late in submitting the notification.

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